The GATE Seal

GUIDELINES TO APPLY FOR THE “GATE SEAL” COMING SOON. (Yes, we know what the newsletter says. Our apologies for that. We’ll get the Guidelines up here very soon. Promise. In the meantime, please read below to learn more about the GATE Seal)




A special advocacy and educational initiative of GATE is the GATE Seal.

The GATE Seal is a recommendation honoring creative works that embody and express the transformational spirit.

“Since transformational entertainment and media is a relatively new, though burgeoning, genre, we think it’s important to help people identify which creative works fit there, those that are of a transformational nature,” says John Raatz, founder, chairman, and CEO of GATE, the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment, the nonprofit membership trade group representing professionals in the field.  “The GATE Seal acknowledges transformational works that are exemplary.”

The seal will be awarded to entertainment and media content that meet selection criteria developed and administered by the GATE Seal Editorial Board.   All forms of entertainment and media content are eligible, e.g. movies, short films, TV shows, music, photography, radio programs, podcasts, books, art, theatrical stage productions, websites and other forms that are deemed to be transformationally oriented.

“We think this effort will help consumers learn about and understand what transformation and the transformational genre is, what it represents and points to,” comments Raatz.  “It’s also a way for people to become more comfortable with the transformational process, and further appreciate how it’s occurring in their own lives and others’ around the world.  We will be encouraging the public to send us suggestions of transformational works that they’ve discovered that we might not even be aware of.

“The GATE Seal will also support commercial enterprises – distributors, marketers and advertisers – who are promoting these creative works to the public,” notes Raatz.  “whether they’re targeting a mainstream audience or the emerging and expanding Cultural Creatives audience, their natural market.   Cultural Creatives represent about thirty-five percent of the American population, as well as in other countries worldwide, and are identified by their particular values and lifestyle characteristics and preferences.”

The GATE Seal Editorial Board is comprised of entertainment and media industry professionals, as well as professionals and thought leaders in the transformational healing arts fields, as well as others.  Full details on the evaluation process and criteria will be available through this website at during fourth quarter, 2011.

Every property awarded the GATE Seal will automatically be entered in the GATE Imaginal Awards competition.  Imaginal means “of or relating to an image.”  Also, an imaginal cell is the unique biological entity that appears in a cocoon after the caterpillar disappears, and before the butterfly exists; it is the mysterious material that becomes the butterfly.  And we extend our definition to include “of or relating to the imagination.”

Clearly, all creative works are products of the artist’s imagination, and have a visual image associated with them.  “Even works of aural, or sound, art often cause an image to appear to the listener,” notes Raatz, “so imaginal is kind of creatively all-inclusive.”  Thus, the GATE Imaginal Awards.

All Imaginal Awards entries will be categorized.  GATE judges will narrow the entries in each category, then the professional membership of GATE will vote to determine the winners, similar to the Oscars™.  The Imaginal Award will be given to the work judged Best in each category.

A distinguished professional European artist was commissioned to design the Imaginal Award.  Award winners will be honored at a celebratory dinner and ceremony each year in February, during the entertainment awards season.