The Audience Is Ready!


Our world, as it is now, is the result of all our behaviors and actions.

Our immediate collective action can profoundly alter the direction of global events. In fact, they will, no matter what.
The real question is: Do we do so consciously and intentionally?

Please Engage and Mobilize Now!


We Can Transform the World by Helping Transform Entertainment and Media!

Be one of the more than one million voices that are sending a powerful message of our cultural relevance and force to “Hollywood” entertainment and media content creators, producers and distributors.

Your voice, along with 999,999 others will concretely demonstrate your support for the emerging and rapidly expanding transformational entertainment and media genre… and for the worldwide movement mobilizing now.


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We know that entertainment and media content influence individual and cultural beliefs and behaviors.

Imagine creating a new positive programming paradigm based on Cultural Creatives values including love, cooperation, compassion and sustainability.

Hollywood doesn’t believe we exist as a market in meaningful numbers. We need to prove that we do. Our one million signatures will be seen to represent tens of millions of supporters. And that’s a significant audience!



Tell Hollywood YOU’RE the Audience for Inspiration, Motivation … Transformation!

When we achieve our goal of one million or more e-signatures, we will deliver a “Well-Being Box” to: producers, directors, writers, actors, actresses, musicians, authors, studio executives, network executives, showrunners, managers, agents, attorneys, editors, media, and others who participate in the content creation process, containing the following items:

- The “Audience is Ready!” petition (names only – no email addresses)
– A copy of the seminal book “The Cultural Creatives” plus a white paper updating the landmark study
– A special recorded message by John Raatz, Eckhart Tolle, Jim Carrey, Paul Ray and other thought leaders in the transformational entertainment and media movement
– A pre-release chapter from Paul Ray’s forthcoming book, “The Emerging Wisdom Culture”
– A invitation to meet privately in Los Angeles with a group of transformational entertainment and media and wisdom thought leaders to discuss the role and responsibility of the entertainment and media communities to facilitate personal, social and global transformation

Please sign below and help spread the word by sharing this petition with your friends, colleagues and associates. Let’s “Transform the World by Transforming Entertainment and Media”!


“The Audience Is Ready!” Petition

We, the undersigned, are millions strong, and growing by the day. We are young, old, and middle-aged. We are black, white, brown, red, yellow, and every possible blend. We are Christians, Muslims and Jews … Buddhists, Hindus, and Sikhs … atheists and agnostics. We are seekers of truth, wisdom and meaning. We are nurturers and seek nurturance. We like our entertainment to be full of meaning, emotion, inspiration, or at least … thoughtfully provocative.

We are adults with grown-up tastes. We have been around the block a few times and appreciate the journeys, both outer and inner.  Adolescent blockbusters are occasionally an entertaining diversion, but mostly, we’re looking for meaningful engagement, rich storytelling and content that penetrates new territory.

So, in addition to your usual 12-24 year-old fare, we call you to a higher opportunity; to creating more content that lifts, inspires and heals. We all know how much it’s needed in the world today. We call on you to rise to this collective challenge. We’re here! The audience is ready.

We do not believe you need to sacrifice the bottom line to satisfy this opportunity before you. In fact, by delivering new content options that speak to this enormous market, you will be connecting with people who have the passion, purpose and means to grow your business in ways you have not imagined.

In this time of massive worldwide challenges and social change, entertainment and media companies and content creators have a unique and critical responsibility to catalyze personal, social and global transformation. We are not separate from you. We are you. We call on you to answer this collective call to uplift your creative output and watch the world respond.


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Thank you for supporting this social mission!