Chris Mentzel

Chris Mentzel

Chris Mentzel, born in Germany, earned his M.S. in computer science from the Technical University in Berlin in 1981 and continued his studies at UMASS/Amherst. Inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of the U.S. computer industry, but without a visa for a job at Apple, he went back to Berlin and built several software companies. Berlin had over 60 small movie theatres at that time, which awoke his love for transformational and inspiring movies.

In 1989 Chris sold his CD-ROM database company and took his family to Maui to celebrate. This turned into a move to the island in 1991. When the dot-com fever hit, Chris started a software company in Palo Alto, which quickly became a hit and was taken public at an unbelievable value. However, the dot-com crash put an early end to it.

Back on Maui, Chris focused in on renewable energy and was part of a successful group effort to bring the German Feed-In Tariff law to Hawaii that has resulted in 80 MW of solar installations. Planning to make a movie on this, he realized the power of movies to change people’s minds, as well as the difficulties in distributing films.

Chris moved to Los Angeles in April 2011 and quickly discovered transformational films that never made it to the public. In combining his computer company skills with the love for transformational cinema, his goal is to revolutionize distribution for these important films – bringing income to the filmmakers, inspiration to the viewers and creating a community spirit from watching and discussing movies together.


“Movies have a great power to change our minds and hearts. Their stories can change our story and with it the story and the future of humanity.”