Chris Hebard

Chris Hebard

Chris Hebard is the founder and creator of, a premiere resource on the internet aggregating the text, audio and video material of authentic contemporary and traditional teachers of Non-Duality and Self Inquiry from within all spiritual disciplines. The website reflects his enthusiasm and love of its material.

The approach of StillnessSpeaks is integral; it does not promote any particular path or methodology. Mr. Hebard attempts to honor the many paths available to all Truth Lovers; in doing so, he hopes to demonstrate that there is only one destination.

Mr. Hebard, writes, speaks and produces documentary film on Self-Inquiry, Advaita, and non-duality extensively throughout the United States and Europe. His work can be found on, Buddhah at the GasPump, NonDuality Highlights, NonDuality magazine, NonDuality Street,, Wisdom’s Soft Whisper Radio network,, and other publications.


“So many of us have noticed it: this birth of a bright new star spilling light on the horizon. Those of us who have taken the time to recognize it, stand in awe and wonder. We are compelled only to serve this vision, so much greater than any of us, so powerful is its deep attraction. This ‘shine’ draws us forward, demanding that we share its insight with as many others as we can. In the 21st Century, what message could possibly be more immediate and vital than the reality of Unicity?

“GATE is uniquely designed to bring together professionals from within the entertainment and media industries who share this perennial vision. When asked to serve, I am constantly surprised by how many respond: ‘I HAVE to do this.’ ”