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An Open Letter from GATE Founder, John Raatz

“How can I help?”  I hear it all the time.  When I share about GATE, I get emails and phone calls from people, asking, “What can I do to help?”  “How can I serve?”     “How can I support GATE?”
First, I want to thank you for your desire and willingness to put energy into furthering the GATE movement.    The good news is that the people in our community have a natural affinity for what GATE is doing. They get it.
The real movement now in our community is from understanding and embodiment … to action.  The GATE movement belongs to those who move it!  To bring transformation to an ever-widening audience, we must each take action in the world.  GATE was created precisely to support our individual efforts within the entertainment and media industries.
So now, we’re seeking individuals who are motivated to create, innovate and renovate within our industries.  We’re building this organization to demonstrate to Hollywood and beyond that there are people in the business, worldwide, who want to create and offer options and alternatives to the standard fare, who want to challenge the conventional wisdom about what can succeed in the marketplace and, indeed, create a new marketplace.
We all feel the evolutionary change that’s intensifying at an unprecedented pace, and we all believe …know …that entertainment and media content is one of the best ways to bring transformational messages to life … to bring cooperation, unity and Oneness to a searching and hungering humanity.
We created GATE as a way to mobilize ourselves so that our collective power can be expressed. We are the herbal tea party of the transformational entertainment and media   movement!  We’re planting the seeds for the next generation’s transformative offerings!
Because of all this, we thought we’d offer some ideas about how you can tangibly support GATE in this early stage of our development.  So, here are some suggestions about what you can do to help.  Do one, do all!  But DO!!!

The Immediate GATE Goal

We have a dream!  Ultimately, it’s a big one. You know … if you’re gonna dream … dream big!  At the moment, though, this early in GATE’s development, we’re aiming to achieve this goal:  ten thousand GATE memberships by June 30, 2012.
We’re certain that there are ten thousand people in entertainment and media worldwide who share our vision and mission.  Actually, there’s likely many, many more.  We’re already receiving communications from around the world.
Help us get those first ten thousand GATE members!
Imagine the possibilities for projects we could develop together with a base community of ten thousand! ….

Here’s What Else You Can Do!

How can you contribute your skills to help build the GATE infrastructure?   How can you use your skills to move the GATE movement forward?  If you’re a high-level, self-starting, experienced professional, GATE can gratefully use such skills as …
  • Accounting and financial guidance
  • Fundraising
  • Sponsorship development
  • Public Relations and publicity
  • Digimarketing and social media marketing
  • Write reviews, editorials, and other
  • content addressing the transformational genre, to
  • be shared with GATE members and other publics
  • Art and graphic design production
  • Photography
  • Videograpy
  • Animation
  • Film editing
  • Business and strategic planning
  • Business and market research
  • Database and applications development
  • Programming
… as well as
  • arranging media interviews
  • introducing us to people of influence
  • inviting us to speak about GATE
Be creative! What else can you do to help grow the transformational entertainment and media movement?
We look forward to growing transformational entertainment and media with you and collaborating on aligned projects.
In gratitude,
Founder, Chairman, CEO