GATE StoryCon

GATE Transformational Story Conference:

Awakening Spirit Through Transformation

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This event happened
Saturday, February 4, 2012

9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

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Saban Theatre

8440 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
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GATE in Association with Jupiter Return
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$199 – GATE StoryCon only
or $494 – GATE StoryCon and GATE 2


The GATE TRANSFORMATIONAL STORY CONFERENCE examines the role of story in promoting personal, social and global transformation. Story is explored from a variety of perspectives, with special emphasis on the human transformational journey — the Transformational Arc life-death-life.

Can story lead to personal awakening?
Can it lead to social and global transformation?
Is it actually a critical element in … Saving the World?


This event is ideal for authors, screenwriters, producers, educators and anyone else for whom storytelling is an essential aspect of their professional life, and who would like to focus more deeply in the transformational arena.

NOTE: GATE memberships will be available for the first time at this event and in the evening at GATE 2

You will leave this day understanding the mechanics of the transformational cycle, as well as with tools, ideas, and strategies for telling the stories that live inside you, burning to be expressed in effective and marketable ways.

“Transformational Change is a radical restructuring of the Self that occurs through incremental progress, leading toward a higher state of consciousness. It can be brought about through ritual and/or personal experiences that enlarge our understanding of ourselves and our relationship to all of nature. This sort of change is often expressed as a life-death-life experience because old survival systems that have outlived their usefulness must collapse and expire in order for new thinking, new perceptions, and new value systems to emerge. Therefore, transformational change demands sacrifice of the old way of being, and it cannot be sustained without continuous effort and vigilance toward the emerging new consciousness; as we would tend to a newborn.” — Dara Marks

Hosts, Presenters, Performers

(Presentation Titles and Profiles will be added as received.)

HOSTS (in alphabetical order):
John Raatz

Kyle Cease
Suzanne Whang
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PRESENTERS (in alphabetical order):
Nic Askew
James Bonnet
Internationally known writer, teacher and story consultant
The Coming Age of Story
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Peter Canova
Quantum Artistry — The Scientific and Spiritual
Roots of Our Creativity.
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Drew Dellinger
Speaker, poet, writer and visionary
The Power of Story and the Future of the Planet
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Duane Elgin
Speaker, author, and social visionary
Change the Story to Change the World
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Jean Houston
Scholar, philosopher and researcher in human capacities
Tapping Your Creative Unconsciousness to Create Programs that Can Make a Difference
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Catherine Ann Jones
Award-winning writer and global teacher
The Way of Story
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Dara Marks
Leading international script consultant, seminar leader, and author
Inside Story: The Power of the Transformational Arc
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Terry Marks-Tarlow
Psychotherapist, author, educator, artist
The Transformative Power of Art
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Mark Matousek
Memoirist, teacher
Why Story Matters: The Transformative Power of Telling the Truth
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John Raatz

PERFORMERS (in alphabetical order):
Michael Fitzpatrick
Wendy Prober
Peter Sterling

Jim Carrey Art Exhibit
John Lennon Art Exhibit
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Heyoka Merrifield Art Exhibit
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Presentations, Presenters and Performers are subject to change. Video or audio recording or photography of event is not allowed.

Check back often, as new Presenters and Performers are being added regularly.
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