Our Story

Our Story



The seeds of GATE were humbly sown when a small committed group of actors, musicians, writers, business professionals and others joined together to teach meditation to members of the entertainment and media communities. Reception was abundantly positive, but it was just a niche group then. However, in these past 30 years a remarkable sea change has occurred. The growth of awareness has been dramatic. Interest in spirituality, healing, peace, ecological issues and other progressive concerns and affinity values has mushroomed exponentially.

As R. Buckminster Fuller said, “Humanity is in ‘final exam’ as to whether or not it qualifies for continuance in Universe.”
Today, more people than ever realize the actuality of this proclamation.


GATE was formally inaugurated on June 4th at the Zanuck Theater on the Fox Studios lot in Los Angeles. About 500 people from the entertainment, media and body/mind/spirit communities attended the event. Interest was unprecedented, and demand for seats far exceeded capacity: 1500 people were turned away.

Hosted by GATE founder / chairman John Raatz and actor / activist Jim Carrey, a keynote talk by author and spiritual leader Eckhart Tolle galvanized the group. Presentations were made by industry professionals from film, television, music, and publishing. Melissa Etheridge and Donovan provided musical entertainment. Presenters and audience members alike enthusiastically endorsed and applauded the birth of the GATE movement, recognizing the role that entertainment and media plays in projecting our reality, and supporting the transformation of these industries in order to make those projections more positive and life enhancing.