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Dear Friend of GATE:

If you’re involved in a socially responsible business, you may have already heard about GATE, the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment. GATE is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering the creation, development and distribution of entertainment and media that enlighten, inform and transform our world. The mission is three-fold: Education, Collaboration, and Advocacy. All of GATE’s activities are created to further these intentions. GATE is committed to supporting content creators whose messages honor life, love, and peace.

On June 4th, 2009, GATE was formally inaugurated at the Zanuck Theater on the Fox Studios lot in Los Angeles at an evening hosted by GATE founder/chairman John Raatz, with co-founders author/spiritual leader Eckhart Tolle and actor/activist Jim Carrey. Last February, at our annual event, GATE 2 and the Transformational Story Conference, nearly 2,400 attendees were treated to 17 hours of wisdom and entertainment from industry professionals, celebrities, performers, and wisdom culture leaders.

There’s so much talk about what we’re feeding our bodies, but not much about what we’re feeding our minds and souls. GATE is helping to change the message of the media so that you’re not only entertained, you’re inspired and renewed by a positive impact. By supporting GATE, you join a unique group of forward-thinking pioneers working to expand this new frontier of transformational entertainment and media.

We invite you to support GATE 3 and Story Con as an event sponsor for our third annual signature event on February 2, 2013 at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills.  We have the following levels available for sponsorship:


•  Transformation – $50,000 (Sole Title sponsor) 

• Inspiration - $25,000 

•  Illumination – $15,000

• Revelation – $10,000 

• Celebration – $5,000 

•  Initiation $1,000


Download SPONSORSHIP PROPOSAL (PDF) for complete Sponsor Details and Benefits.

Thank you for this opportunity to present GATE to you.

John Raatz, Jim Carrey  & Eckhart Tolle
CEO and Founder of GATE, and GATE co-founders



To discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact GATE Executive Director Wendy Newman at wendy@gatecommunity.org or (310) 277-2200.