Terry Marks-Tarlow

Terry Marks-Tarlow
Psychotherapist, author, educator, artist

The Transformative Power of Art

Art has many stories to tell.
Art hides in caves that signal the dawn of human civilization.
Art holds hands with children during play, sculpting mind, body, and brain.
Art sings songs of culture.
Art strings universal threads, plucking their chords until science can hear and weave them into theory.
Art animates the body, feeds the soul and expands collective consciousness.
Art transforms lies into truth, by dreaming up new vistas.
When we clarify our values and align them with art, we cultivate vision, imagination, and the power to transform our selves along with the world.


Terry Marks-Tarlow, Ph.D., is a clinical and consulting psychologist in private practice for over 25 years in Santa Monica, California. Terry specializes in personal transformation, working with people who are ready to move to the next level but face invisible barriers, creative blocks, or self-defeating patterns. During psychotherapy Terry highlights immediate experience as well as mind/body/spirit integration, drawing upon 30 years as a yoga practitioner/teacher, plus her extensive experience as a jazz and ballet dancer. Terry has authored numerous papers and chapters and illustrated all three of her books. Her latest book, Clinical Intuition in Psychotherapy, is published by Norton and due for release in April, 2012. Terry is an expert on nonlinear dynamics and affective neuroscience. She is a Research Associate at the Institute for Fractal Research in Kassel, Germany and part of the Teaching Faculty at the Reiss Davis Child Study Center. Terry infuses science into art through her love of fractals, which she puts into many of her drawings, as well as into the libretto for “Cracked Orlando,” an opera composed by Jonathan Dawe that premiered with accompanying ballet in New York City in 2010. Terry prides herself on embodying her own philosophy, by prioritizing a balanced life that spans from science to art and spirituality. She lives in Topanga, California, with her husband and two children.


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”
Maya Angelou