James Bonnet

James Bonnet
Internationally known writer,
teacher and story consultant

The Coming Age of Story

The interest in story is greater now than it has ever been and people everywhere have begun to realize just how important story is and the key role it was meant to play in our lives.

In this talk, James Bonnet will introduce you to the new, higher levels of understanding that are emerging in the world of story concerning the deep, hidden story structures which all great stories have in common, and a new phenomenon called the Storywheel which brings all of the great stories together into one, grand design. When taken all together in this way, they reveal their deeper, more amazing secrets. And if you unravel their mysteries and fathom these secrets, you can understand the world, your place in the scheme, and the paths which can lead you to higher states of consciousness and success.

Unlocking the secrets of story unlocks the secrets of the human mind and awakens the power of story within you. Work with that power and you can steal fire from the gods. Master that power and you can create stories that will live forever.


James Bonnet lives in Los Angeles, now, but he grew up in New York City and has been a professional writer for more than forty years. He started out as an actor in the Tony Award-winning hit Broadway show about Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Sunrise at Campobello, creating the role of his eldest son, James Roosevelt. He landed his first professional writing job when he was 23, writing for a television series called It’s A Man’s World. Ever since that time he has been creatively driven by only one thing: discovering the secrets that underlie great stories. He was elected twice to the Board of Directors of the Writer’s Guild of America and has written or acted in more than forty television shows and features.

The important new ideas about story in his book, Stealing Fire from the Gods: The Complete Guide to Story For Writers And Filmmakers, are having a major impact on writers in all media. In his forthcoming book, Cracking the Story Code: The Hidden Structures in Great Stories and What They Mean, he will thoroughly analyze fifty of the world’s greatest stories and the extraordinary secrets they reveal about ourselves and our evolutionary path.

Since 1990 he has been conducting intensive weekend seminars in Los Angeles, and consulting with screenwriters, producers, directors, novelists, lawyers, psychologists, corporations, and video game creators. Since 2006 he has been holding workshop/retreats in France and Santa Monica and teaching in Paris, London and Singapore. His book has been taught in university courses around the world.


“The One Who Tells The Stories Rules The World”
Hopi Proverb