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** UPDATE: Both events are fully programmed. We are not accepting any additional submissions at this time for GATE 3 or Transformational Story Conference.

Please join us Feb 2, 2013, in Beverly Hills for a unique opportunity to interact with your visionary peers in the entertainment / media industry.

Please download and complete the application below. Fill out all fields and email the completed application to xx

* Topic must be contextually aligned with the specific themes of the GATE events and relevant to transformational entertainment and media. For example: since the theme of the GATE 3 event is “Celebrating Meaningful Messages for an Awakening Humanity,” please do not submit a presentation proposal about “The Role Of Algebra In Post Modern Society.” (You’d be surprised!)

** All materials should be able to be submitted electronically. If you need to mail something, please first contact xx

Download GATE3 Presenter Application