Peter Canova


Peter Canova

(Author, Inspirational Speaker)





AWAKENING TO OUR QUANTUM SCRIPT: Humans as Avatars and Archetypes in a Cosmic Drama

Classical story structure exists and remains effective because it follows the very genesis of human creation as told in numerous spiritual texts from around the ancient world

Using scientific fact juxtaposed against ancient texts, this talk reveals humanity as the end product of a higher chain of being residing in an archetypical dimension where our physical reality begins. The presentation shows how both science and ancient mystic traditions picture our world as a holographic projection of these higher dimensions, and we, as human beings, may actually be avatars of our own higher selves.

The presentation demonstrates how classic story structure is really the inverse tale of our own descent from spirit into matter. The skeleton of a good story, at some level, is a retelling of our struggle to transform back from a lower to a higher state of being, truth, or understanding. In doing so, we recover hidden aspects of our deeper selves, and we begin to understand our origin, destiny, and purpose as human beings.


Peter Canova is a leading authority and speaker on the secret teachings of the Gnostic gospels, the Dead Sea Scrolls, quantum physics, the Sacred Feminine, and ancient spiritual traditions. People often call Peter the real life Robert Langdon after the main character of the Da Vinci Code. Like the fictional character, Peter is recovering and decoding the secret wisdom of mystical texts such as the Kabbalah and the Gnostic Gospels in a manner few scholars or researchers have done before.

His acclaimed spiritual thriller, Pope Annalisa, won an unprecedented nine national and international book awards in less than a year since its publication including, the Nautilus Gold Award for visionary fiction formerly bestowed on such authors as Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, and His Holiness, the Dalai Lama. Peter has also won first literary prizes in highly respected forums such as the Santa Barbara Writers Conference and Francis Ford Coppola’s American Zoetrope. He recently signed an agreement with Executives of Phoenix Pictures to adapt Pope Annalisa as a major film.

Why I support GATE

My body of work is in complete alignment with GATE’s mission. I seek to help explain the roots of human transformation as expressed through art and entertainment. Apart from being an active author of fictional and non-fictional works, I am also an inspirational speaker seeking to help people focus on their personal spiritual and artistic missions to communicate inspirationally to others.


“No work can be personally transformative unless it engages both the heart and the mind of the viewer. To be touched intellectually is to be affected; to be touched emotionally is to be moved. To be touched by both is to be raised to a new perception of being. That is the reason I write; that is the reason I speak.”