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“An Interview with GATE Executive Team Member, Reparata Mazzola”

Reparata Mazzola is a member of GATE’s Executive team and serves as Secretary of the organization. She is also Special Events Team Leader and Event Producer for GATE’s signature event at the Saban Theater on February 2, 2013.

Reparata is a seasoned professional of many talents. She began her eclectic career as a professional singer, performing and recording as a teenager with Reparata & the Delrons, which had hit records on both the American and English charts. Later, Reparata toured the world with the Barry Manilow as a featured performer with his backup trio “Lady Flash,” singing on his first seven multiple-platinum albums.

Before moving to Los Angeles, Rep earned a Masters degree in Television Production and began a TV career at WABC-NY, where she wrote and produced segments on subjects from all walks of life. Her television experience included a stint as arts producer for WCBS news, where she received an Emmy nomination as Best Producer/Writer of an informational series.

Reparata continues to achieve success in an impressive number of entertainment and media platforms. Her production company co-produced its first full length film “Dark Before Dawn,” released by Viacom. Her latest project is producing the screenplay she adapted from the successful biography she wrote, Mafia Kingpin.


Q: What first sparked your interest in GATE, Reparata?

I have known John Raatz since “What the Bleep …” days and was invited to the first GATE event at Fox Studios in 2009. I felt I had come home. It was comforting to know there were other like-minded individuals in the entertainment industry trying to change media from the inside out—a subtle but highly effective method. I am drawn to projects that have a spiritual message without preaching.
A: What do you find most rewarding about your work with GATE?
We pay a lot of attention to what we’re feeding our bodies, but not a lot to what we’re feeding our minds. That’s what GATE does best. I love finding that we are reaching so many thirsting for positive, impactful entertainment.

I also am impressed by the future of GATE with its many planned programs and activities. As a 501c3 nonprofit, we can bring the message to underserved populations and to youth, the future for us all. The Theater Within Film series, GATE Imaginal Seal and Awards, as well as the planned film festival are all fantastic ways for the public to identify entertainment aligned with GATE’s vision and mission of “Transforming the World by Transforming Entertainment and Media.”


Q: As a writer, does GATE’s Story Conference hold special significance for you?

A: I love GATE’s focus on story. Dara Marks said it best, “Media is transformative when it serves its highest function—which is to show us how to live. The core building block of all forms of media is story, and story is the central delivery system of all self-knowledge.”

It’s important for storytellers to know how to transform through their work. That’s what GATE’s StoryCon teaches. This year, we are offering StoryCon scholarships to writing-focused nonprofits including Write Girl, an organization I was involved with that mentors at-risk girls to help them express themselves. We’re also extending that offer to high school English teachers so their interested and underserved students can attend.


Q: Are you encouraged by the following GATE is building?

A: I am. GATE is the perfect vehicle for the 2012 consciousness shift. The medium is the message, and we have to change the message. We have too much gratuitous violence. We’re all so inured right now to violence with 24-hour cable and what we see on the news. We have to change the message, even if we do it in a small way.

I taught a film program for incarcerated women and showed them Oscar-winning films like Mr. Holland’s Opus. They were so amazed, and I was too when I saw the positive impact this program had on them. The movie Pay it Forward generated that catch phrase which helped people understand we have an obligation to give back when we are blessed. We should our talents to leave the world a better than we found it.


Q: Speaking of paying it forward, what do you think is going to be your greatest contribution to GATE, Reparata?

A: Definitely my background in nonprofits and my experience writing grants and raising funds will be of great benefit.


Q: What would you say to others who resonate with GATE’s mission?

A: Please sign “The Audience is Ready” petition on GATE’s website (www.gatecommunity.org/petition/). It’s a collective action to gather one million signatures to show everyone we are a growing majority that can alter media for the better. Part of the language says “We, the undersigned … call you to a higher opportunity, to create more content that lifts, inspires, and heals. We know how much it’s needed in the world today. We call on you to rise to this collective challenge.”

“An Interview with GATE Executive Director, Wendy Newman”

Wendy Newman, M.A. is the Executive Director of GATE, Co-Executive Producer of GATE 3 and founder of The Worldwide Center for Change™, empowering people to create change within themselves and in the world. Wendy is best known as The Personal Brand Coach™, noted as one of the top personal and business coaches in North America, and founder of Person-Centered Branding®. In her continuous drive to support people in creating change, Wendy co- founded The FABULOUS Factory™, assisting people to be their most fabulous self, and The Celebrity Weight Loss Team™ to get America healthy, which was turned into a television segment on LifeBites Live.

With her background as the official Personal Brand Coach of The LPGA, Wendy works with professional athletes as well as high-profile celebrities/personalities and Fortune 500 companies.  Wendy earned her Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology from USM, The Worldwide Center for the Study and Practice of Spiritual Psychology.


“Meeting John and being introduced to GATE has been in so many ways the culmination of a life-long dream!

The media is one of the most important influences in our culture that affects how people think and feel. Both consciously and unconsciously, people emulate what they see in entertainment and media. Why not change the message so people can identify with and emulate positive behaviors and experiences?

We have an opportunity and a responsibility to build the world we envision through this medium and with names that people will listen to. It is the most direct, powerful way to reach people, make a difference and create lasting change.

I am honored and thrilled to be part of a team of outstanding, authentic souls (having a human experience) who are opening their hearts and sharing their gifts and talents to develop what the world really needs — entertainment and media that truly creates transformation in the world.”


Q: How did you first get involved with GATE, Wendy?

A: I was sitting in a meeting with a group of people in a café years ago and someone in the group invited all of us to attend GATE 1. I immediately felt my calling, so I contacted John, only to find out the event was full, with a waiting list of 1500 people! John got an instant intuitive hit about me and we continued our discussions.  I was so blown away by John’s vision that I just started bringing people I knew to him to help him build the foundation for GATE.


Q: What do you do as GATE’s Executive Director?

A: So much of what John and I have talked about for my position is holding the energy while building the foundation and structure to help GATE function effectively. I straddle two worlds–being and doing–the visionaries and the executers, bringing both groups together to move forward.  Using movie analogies, my husband calls me Bobby Fischer;  clients call me Jerry Maguire;  and a friend calls me Ray from Hancock.


Q: What do you like most about your work with GATE?

A: The vision.  The people.  That we have this opportunity to truly transform the world.  It thrills me.  I’m at my best when I empower people to do what they do best.  I understand all of the moving pieces and find the best people to deliver on the vision.

One of the most important things to me is that we are what we’re putting out there, making sure our insides and the inner workings of GATE are a reflection of our outsides, what we’re putting out there as a mission and culture and asking others to be a part of.  If we’re saying we want transformation and peace, then we need to be it and live it.


Q: Everyone who works for GATE is a volunteer, you included. What keeps this labor of love alive for you?

A: For me personally, it feels like GATE is my mission in the world. My work as a personal brand coach has always been about being a peacemaker and transformer, taking individuals and not just building them up in the media, but assisting them in being happy and fulfilled and then utilizing the power of the media to create authentic role models to inspire others.  What if we could harness all of the individuals/media brands out there and come together to make a bigger difference?  Maybe it’s naive, but I believe we have this potential to create an entirely different kind of world.

Studies have proven people really do emulate what they see in the media and that media is the most powerful source for how we live in the world. Life changes when you have kids and see what they’re watching and emulating, and find yourself wanting to leave them with better tools and life lessons by embracing what is possible.  The easiest, fastest, most powerful way to create change is through entertainment and media, through the Jim Carrey’s of the world. I’m just crazy passionate about the bigger vision GATE holds for us, for our children, and for the world.