Lyric Benson

Coordinator, GATENextGen

“We young artists have a fire inside of us to express truth, and love, and bliss, and peace, and life. We are all here to keep those fires burning. And GATENextGen is here to help.” — Lyric Benson





GATENextGen is our new GATE initiative for young people who want to focus their creative pursuits in the direction of consciousness and transformation. Its mission is to support, inspire, and give a platform to young artists, young filmmakers, young performers, and young creators of all media as they express their passion, their creativity, their joy, their artfulness, their love, and their peace … in support of GATE’s vision to transform the world by transforming entertainment and media. Through education, connection, collaboration, and advocacy, GATENextGen will link young artists to each other through social media platforms, where they can share their work and have lively dialogues with their peers about the importance of their role as transformational artists in the coming times. As well as through various other activities.