Jeff Valdez

“Entertainment is such an important aspect of our lives. The stories that people tell, hear and interpret help to form our realities.  Gate is helping bring together the people that can shift the entertainment paradigm, to one where the stories we tell, hear and interpret are transformational as opposed to “mindless entyertainment.” Jeff Valdez

Mr. Jeff Valdez is currently the Co-Chairman of Maya Entertainment, the first and only Latino Global Film Distribution Company.  The company produces and distributes films and content, primarily in English for theatrical release, as well as syndication and Video On Demand.  In 2003 Mr. Jeff Valdez made history when he created, founded and launched the first national cable network, SiTV, a cable channel targeting Latinos in English, and is currently in over 25 million homes in the U.S.  By launching SiTV, Mr. Valdez also created a new category in American television, The English Language Latino Market, which represents the vast majority of the American Latinos, Mr. Valdez was the CEO for two years and continued as Chairman and as a board member until 2009.

Among his many honors and awards, CNN named Mr. Valdez, “One Of The Top 50 People Who Matter.” He also received, “The Racial Harmony Award,” by the Center For Ethnic Understanding, “Top 50 Minorities In Cable,” by Multichannel News, NAMIC awarded him the “Quasar Award”   He was also named by Advertising Age as one of the “Top 50 Marketers in America,”