Greetings GATE Family,

On behalf of the worldwide GATE team, I welcome you to “GATE Space.” Here you will find updates about our work, activities and events. Additionally, we’ll share with you ideas, resources and opportunities that are shaping the emerging transformational entertainment and media landscape.

The expressions of interest in GATE thus far have exceeded our expectations and are truly heartwarming and hopeful for our collective future and the planet’s.

We welcome your support. If there are contacts, ideas, opportunities or suggestions you want to contribute, please let us know.

We look forward to sharing and co-creating this journey with you. Thank you…!

2 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Lisa Elliott says:

    I have an interest in becoming a member. How can I join?

    Love & Light,
    Lisa Elliott

  2. Hi,
    I am very excited about to have learned about GATE, and welcome this transformational Alliance. Fantastic!
    I have developed and produced the Award winning( AFI Best Doc 2006) film: ” Buddha’s Lost Children” in 2006 amongst other documentary’s. Unfortunately our film never made it into the US cinema’s for many reasons.
    Am currently developing : ” The Saffron Robe” a English language feature film set in Birma (Myanmar) during the uprise of the monks( Saffron revolution) in 2007 in association with production Company Augustus film who produced Golden Globe winner best Foreign film: “Paradise Now”.
    If i can help and support your network in any way, pls let me know. definitely want to become a member and share my knowledge and network!
    Pim van Collem
    Van Collem Filmworks

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