Entertainment & Media Dharma

One of the projects the GATE team is working on is a daylong professional event called –

A Symposium on Entertainment and Media Dharma: Spiritual Perspectives on the Right Use of Entertainment and Media

This symposium will explore many questions and consider issues related to the role and responsibility of entertainment and media in facilitating personal, social and global transformation including:

• What is the highest and best use of entertainment and media?

• What is the role of entertainment and media content in the creation of one’s personal worldview?

• What is the possibility and potential for entertainment and media to facilitate healing and transformation?

• A special panel addressing Buddhist perspectives on the right use of entertainment and media.

• A panel will also discuss “the power of transformative storytelling.”

We will soon post a call for proposals in our website. Please refer to those guidelines if you would like to suggest a presentation. We don’t have a scheduled date yet, but will announce details here as they become available.

About John Raatz

Founder & Board Chairman of the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment (GATE). GATE is an evolving membership community of creative, business and technical professionals in entertainment and the media, and others who realize the vital and expanding role the media and entertainment play in creating our lives, and who aspire to consciously transform that process for the benefit of all.
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