H.H. The Dalai Lama: Message To Inaugural GATE Event Attendees

Following is the message sent by H.H. to the audience attending the inaugural GATE event at Fox Studios:

“While His Holiness the Dalai Lama cannot be with us this evening, he sends his regards.”

As His Holiness has said, “The cultivation of compassion is not a luxury but a necessity if we are to survive as a species”.

He recognizes that globalization has strengthened the realization that what happens in even a very distant part of the world can have a profound impact on another. We are indeed one. In this awareness, His Holiness says:

“The media and entertainment community are part of this globalization and in many parts of the world it is looked to to define who one is or wishes to be.

With such power comes responsibility. This (GATE) event this evening acknowledges not only our common humanity and connectedness but also the power that is wielded by each one of you.

As such, a commitment and focus of your immense talents and creative abilities toward having a positive impact by promoting kindness, love and compassion has the ability to be transformative.”

About John Raatz

Founder & Board Chairman of the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment (GATE). GATE is an evolving membership community of creative, business and technical professionals in entertainment and the media, and others who realize the vital and expanding role the media and entertainment play in creating our lives, and who aspire to consciously transform that process for the benefit of all.
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