GATE 2 & GATE Transformational Story Conference! Please join us in Los Angeles on Saturday, February 4th, 2012! See presenters & performers at:

GATE 2 and the GATE Transformational Story Conference are the premiere events defining, setting the standards and guiding the burgeoning genre of transformational entertainment and media worldwide. Join with hundreds of professionals who hold and share the GATE vision / mission as a catalyst for personal, social and global transformation.

Tickets on sale now! Early bird discount applies!

About John Raatz

Founder & Board Chairman of the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment (GATE). GATE is an evolving membership community of creative, business and technical professionals in entertainment and the media, and others who realize the vital and expanding role the media and entertainment play in creating our lives, and who aspire to consciously transform that process for the benefit of all.
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4 Responses to GATE 2 & GATE Transformational Story Conference! Please join us in Los Angeles on Saturday, February 4th, 2012! See presenters & performers at:

  1. will it be possible to attend via webcast? (I live in Australia :) )

    Thank you

  2. Hi John

    Love the whole concept of GATE. I have been so frustrated and bored trying to find films with feeling, meaning and nourishment for my heart and soul. Well done for being part of the change!

    I live in Australia and would love to attend the events however putting these on my “vision board”. Let’s see what transpires :-)

    My question is simple. Are there plans for future events to be held globally ie. Australia?

    Best wishes for your launch, events and many blessings


  3. I have just finished writing my life changing story,WILD, and it is on the way to my first literary agent. I stumbled upon John Raatz through an article in AWARENESS magazine. I find it encouraging there are people and organizations such as this, that are open to spreading the light through transformational stories such as mine. It is much needed at this time on the planet.
    I have gone from drug addiction to Shamanism. I teach others to awaken to the creator within.
    This is my latest interview
    I look forward to co-creating in the near future.

  4. susan pirnia says:

    i love the Gate story and I want to join the Feb 4th event very much.

    I specially love to meet and listen to The Ekhart Tolle, he is my spiritual teacher.

    Best thing I ever did in my whole life was to translate the great book Power Of Now in Farsi.
    I am a cancer surviver myself and Translating this book during and after the chemotherapy was part of my healing process. thanks to Mr Tolle and his great insights.

    i wrote an introduction to the book referring to my personal experiences, dealing with cancer and healing through changes that was presented to me throughout reading , translating and editing the book. changing place gradually from past and future into Now.

    Short time after first edition published I started to receive invitations from community base organizations and cancer societies inviting me to join them and teach the book to cancer patients.
    With the intention of helping my felow human beings I traveled and started teaching the book working with a cancer society and later couple of other community based organizations and Ngo’s during last three years. I tryed to deliver his valuable message to many troubled people on the other side of the world and believe me, it did transform many lives.

    Please send my deepest gratitude to Mr Tolle and also my apologies for not having his permision concerning translating the book. At first, I did it for myself and to help couple of families around me that wouldn’t read in english .Then it found it’s own way. I’m sure he would want it to be so in order to help as many people all around our troubled world as possible, thank god it did and yet doing.

    I would love to meet Mr Tolle on Feb 4th event and Join the Gate community.


    p.s so..where do I get the thicket and am i considered for the discount ?