Why GATE Now?

Why GATE Now?


At this time, the prevailing but outmoded dominant worldview is finding its full, and likely final expression. More and more of humanity are recognizing the point we’ve come to in our history on Earth: a radical turning point unlike any we’ve experienced before. For the first time, we humans hold in our hands – and in our minds — the most immediate power to either destroy life on Earth as we’ve known it … or transform our relationship with ourselves, each other and the planet so that life for us all can not only continue, but revivify, blossom, and thrive.

The intensifying and pervasive social, technological, environmental, economic, political and spiritual crises now confronting us demand that we recognize and accept our responsibility to use our awareness and personal resources to contribute to, and collaborate with others, toward the discovery, adoption, and implementation of solutions to our planet-wide problems.

We must ask ourselves how we can honorably conduct business in the latter days of industrialization and the beginning of an ecological age?”–Paul Hawken

If we are to steer society toward social and ecological balance, it is important that we understand the systemic nature of the crises we face.” –Helena Norberg-Hodge

The major problems of our time are just different facets of one single crisis, which is essentially a crisis of perception.” –Fritjof Capra

A new worldview is emerging, holding within it the possibility for healing, peace, and a global awareness and perspective that supports more of humanity and our needs with greater equity, justice and opportunity.

This Old Worldview / New Worldview chart details the characteristics of these two distinctly different paradigms, one that brought us to this particular moment in history, and another that will take us beyond it, into our positive and sustainable future.

When most people look at life and the world, they see it through the old worldview. And we act based on our worldview … so worldview is very important!

Question: How can the new worldview take greater hold among more of the world’s citizens, so new emergent behaviors might lead to this healing, more egalitarian and loving earthly experience?

Answer: In our estimation, one of the primary answers is: through media, entertainment and the arts. Every time we have a conversation, read or watch the news, see a movie, read a book or magazine, attend a lecture, listen to a CD or concert, surf the Web or attend an event, we are being presented with a worldview

So, which worldview is your media diet supporting?

The old one that’s turned out to be so dangerous and destructive? Or the new one that holds great hope and possibility? What is a media diet? You are what you read, what you see, and what you hear. Where you put your attention determines what you will imbibe – consume – metabolize from the media world. Are you watching TV and films that lift and inspire, or ones that reinforce violence and inanity? Are you listening to radio that enlightens or entertains, or to audio content that underscores differences and confrontation? And, if you’re “in the business,” what are you writing, producing, directing, acting in, scoring?

Remember … each of us is the beginning (and center) of the transformed world.

It’s our duty as men and women to proceed as though the limits to our abilities do not exist.
We are collaborators in creation… The Future of the earth is in our hands.”
- Pierre Teihard de Chardin