GATE 2: Only a New Seed Will Yield a New Crop

New Entertainment and Media Values for a New World
A Celebration of Transformational Entertainment, Media and Arts

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This event happened on
Saturday, February 4, 2012

6:30 PM to 2:00 AM

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Saban Theatre
8440 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
(Parking, Hotels, Map)

GATE in Association with Jupiter Return

$295 – GATE 2 only
or $494 GATE 2 and GATE Transformational Story Conference


GATE 2, scheduled for the evening of Saturday, February 4, 2012 in Los Angeles, is the second, major public event of the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment. Like GATE 1, it will be a major venue for networking between media professionals with transformational values.

The theme of GATE 2 is Only a New Seed Will Yield a New Crop: New Entertainment and Media Values for a New World. The evening will be a celebration of transformational entertainment, media and arts – an exploration of what this new, emerging genre is all about, and an inspiration for attendees to become more involved in sharing the energies of their personal transformation with the world through their work.

NOTE: GATE memberships will be available for the first time at this event and at the GATE Transformational Story Conference.

GATE 2 will feature a variety of presenters, many high-profile, some whose names you may not recognize, all steeped in transformational arts, entertainment and media. There may even be a few surprises! Through a richly woven program of speakers, videos, music and arts performances, film clips and other multi-media presentations, attendees will leave intellectually stimulated, emotionally moved, and inspired to pursue their work with greater clarity, substance and commitment.

Each of us views the world, and who we are in it, based in large part on the messages we receive from the media. These, in turn, inform many of our actions (and inactions) in the world. New messages, new perceptions of ourselves, of the world, and of life, will inspire us to the new behaviors now needed to head humanity in a new direction, one that honors life, love, and peace sufficiently to create a sustainable existence on planet Earth.

Join with us and with others from around the world to help establish GATE and further our vision of … Transforming the World by Transforming Entertainment and Media.™

Hosts, Presenters, Performers and GATE Imaginal Award Recipients

(Presentation Titles and Profiles will be added as received.)

HOSTS (in alphabetical order):
Jim Carrey
John Raatz
Eckhart Tolle

Louie Anderson

PRESENTERS (in alphabetical order):
Jim Carrey
Drew Dellinger
Speaker, poet, writer and visionary
The Power of Story and the Future of the Planet
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Duane Elgin
Speaker, author, and social visionary
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Cary Elwes
Frances Fisher
Jean Houston
Scholar, philosopher and researcher in human capacities
The Entertainment Artist as Social Artist who Can Change the World
Read more…
Barbara Marx Hubbard
Visionary, futurist, educator
The Art of Communicating and Activating the New Story
Read more…
John Joliffe
Dara Marks
Heyoka Merrifield
Transformative Artist
Our Ancestral Storytellers
Read more…
Marta Mobley
Edward James Olmos
John Raatz
Paul Ray
Don Miguel Ruiz
International Bestselling Author, Teacher
The Four Agreements: Keys to Transforming Entertainment and Media
Read more…
Louie Schwartzberg
Filmmaker and Artist
Circle of Life
Read more…
Norman Seeff
Filmmaker and Explorer of the Creative Process
The Power and the Passion to Create
Read more…
Molly Trimble
Board Chairman and CEO, Continuity Publishing, Inc.
The Heart of the Matter
Read more…
Eckhart Tolle
Marianne Williamson
Bestselling Author, Lecturer
The Purpose of a Voice
Read more…
Fred Alan Wolf
aka Dr. Quantum™. Physicist, author, and speaker
How the Artist Creates the Universe
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PERFORMERS (in alphabetical order):
Read more…
Rafael Bejarano
Bella Gaia featuring Kenji Williams
Read more…
Drew Dellinger
Read more…
Ali Handal
Paul Horn
Read more…
Ben Lee
Read more…
Ann Mortifee
Read more…
Faith Rivera
Emmy-winning Singer/Songwriter
Read more…
Damien Rose
Tibetan bowl player
Read more…
Ash Ruiz
Music Artist
Read more…
Baba Oyadare Ranson III
Read more…
Wade Colwell-Sandoval
Creative Catalyst for Leadership and Learning
Read more…
Peter Sterling

Jim Carrey Art Exhibit
John Lennon Art Exhibit
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Heyoka Merrifield Art Exhibit
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New photos and profiles will be added as we receive them.

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