Baba Oyadare Ranson III

Baba Oyadare Ranson III


BABA OYADARE’S work generates from an intense passion that burns inside him to share his social and cultural consciousness with others through art. He is a practitioner of multiple artistic disciplines, which include music, art, and most recently, film. His music, film, and performance productions press technology beyond traditional boundaries and because of this, he has been labeled an iconoclast with a unique voice in the postmodern global Hip Hop village.

Ranson was born into the social activist environment of Oakland, CA then made the significant cultural transition moving to Tucson, AZ with his family. His advocacy for community issues remained strong as he has been prolifically involved in producing creative projects for community building throughout his young and adult life.

Ranson brings to the table 17 independent label releases and five major label credits. He has produced music for HBO’s Chris Rock Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Showtime original movie The Fixer, Jenny Jones, and other popular television programs.

As a result of his travels abroad, which include living on two continents (North America, Australia), Ranson is multilingual and conversant in English, Spanish, and is currently studying French, Ga and Yoruba. He lives in Denton, TX with his wife Dulce.