Jahan Raymond, Pianist

Jahan Raymond, 11, discovered the joy of piano when he was seven years old.

By age eight he was composing, and as he turned 10 was asked to perform his own work on stage with four-time Grammy nominated guitarist, Stanley Jordan.

He was also a featured pianist at an ensemble musical event at the Greek Theatre last year, in front of a packed house of 7,000. In April 2012, he released his first CD, “And So It Begins”, which features his own original music. He was asked to choreograph two pieces for a Los Angeles-are dance troupe for their summer festival, and has lent his talents to a number of fundraisers.

Although he plays advanced Mozart, Chopin and Schubert pieces with the virtuosity of an adult, Jahan’s forte lies in his inimitable talent for classical forms of composition and improvisation.

He is currently studying under Mike Garson, long-time pianist for David Bowie. and a master improviser.

This is his second appearance at GATE.