Email setup instructions

Everyone on the LC should have a working email address. You can test them by sending an email to yourself. Most accounts are setup as forwarders, which means that each email is instantly forwarded to your current address.

To send emails from your gate account you can set up a separate email account for the purpose of sending (through an SMTP account) only. Here are the instructions:

Define a POP email account as <name> (use correct email)
and later disable downloading from it. The only reason we have this account
is so that we can define the SMTP server. Emails will be coming into the normal
email account through a forwarder. You could setup a filter to transport these
messages into the POP account.

Don’t use encryption options like SSL. Authentication method is ‘password’.
Ignore certificate warning messages. Ignore POP failed login messages.
Check after setup that all options are set correctly.

Incoming Mail Server:
Mail Server Username:
Password: wrongpassword (if necessary use gategate2012 during setup, and change later)

Outgoing Mail Server: (server requires authentication) port 25
Password: gategate2012

(  In Apple Mail:
after setup go into the account information, under outgoing server
select ‘Edit SMTP Server List’ and remove ‘Use SSL’ option.
Then under Mailbox Behaviors remove ‘Show notes in Inbox’.
Under Advanced remove ‘Include when automatically checking’
and don’t forget to save the changes. )

When sending emails it may be necessary to change the From: address manually.


Due to server restrictions, only a few people can use an email account as described below:
The usual solution is to establish a new email account on your computer and iPhone. Usually a POP account is right if it is one device and an IMAP account can serve two or more devices and synchronize email between them. Please request an account and password from (Your emails won’t arrive until you have set up the account in your email client). You are responsible for the password, for security reasons and to keep your mail private it is not stored. After the setup, test the email and also make sure that your email client checks this account regularly.

GATE email setup for iOS (iPhone, iPad)

GATE email setup for Mail (Macintosh OSX)

Email Setup for other systems:
Mail Server Username:
Password: Will be emailed to you after request
Incoming Mail Server:
Outgoing Mail Server: (server requires authentication, same user/password) port 26
Supported Incoming Mail Protocols: POP3, IMAP
Supported Outgoing Mail Protocol: SMTP


The following emails are set up

Here is the current list of email accounts:

Here is the current list of forwarded emails:


Your signature came/comes from as a 100 kB jpg file. It can be reduced to as little as 17 kB. Ideally you should have it in your signature in such a way that a click on it leads to in a new window.