David Langer

DAVID LANGER has been President of GATE – the Global Alliance for Transformational
Entertainment – since its founding in 2009..

DAVID LANGER is a media communications specialist with more than 40 years’
experience in all facets of marketing communications. Over the past 16 years,
as Creative Director for The Visioneering Group, David helped to develop and
implement national marketing campaigns for a variety of clients in the motion
picture, music, publishing and manufacturing fields. He has worked on films
such as What the BLEEP Do We Know!?, Peaceful Warrior, Leonardo DiCaprio’s
The 11th Hour, Tom Shadyac’s I Am, and Francis Ford Coppola’s Youth Without
Youth, as well as on projects from many of the leading Body/Mid/Spirit authors
and artists in the U.S.

In 1997-98 he co-hosted “Connecting Point,” a daily hour-long, drive-time radio interview/talk program in Los Angeles, connecting him with the leading authors, experts and thinkers in both the traditional and emerging new social/spiritual personal growth paradigms.