Charlie Lustman

Charlie Lustman

(Creator of “Made Me Nuclear)





Making Cancer Survival Popular – Charlie Lustman survived a one in 400 million diagnosed cancer in his upper jaw and lived to sing the tale. From the chemo chair, Charlie composed his pop operetta, “Made Me Nuclear,” and has been traveling all over the world singing at cancer centers, conferences and theatres bringing his positive message of hope and inspiration to everyone touched by cancer on all sides of the journey.


Born on the 20th anniversary of the end of World War Two, Charlie Lustman gravitated to music at an early age. Playing piano and teaching himself guitar as a young man gave Charlie the confidence to enter into Music College shortly after High School to study film and television scoring. After moving to New York City from Boston, Charlie wrote jingles and themes until he decided to journey to Denmark in 1991 and begin what was proven to be Charlie’s journey into a songwriter’s paradise: writing from the heart and sharing inspirational songs with those around him. Throughout the 1990’s Charlie wrote hundreds of songs, recorded his first LP and traveled the world singing. But it was in being diagnosed with cancer in 2006 that Charlie found the true power of his gift, writing a pop opera, surviving cancer and setting out on a mission to make cancer survival popular throughout the world with the power of pop songs.

Why I support GATE

Transformational entertainment is the key to reaching out to millions of people with an important message to heal the world.

My Current Media Diet

Parenting Books by Marshall Rosenberg and meditation books by Thich Nhat Han.
Movies with the kids, no TV and lots of music from the 60’s and 70’s


“All that we have in the end is each other, my friend.”