Bernadine Santistevan


Bernadine Santistevan

(Filmmaker / Transmedia Artist / X-Venture Capitalist /
Seeker of Ancient Wisdoms)







Wolf Dog Tales: How digital media + ancient wisdoms about respecting the earth are being used to create transformational transmedia.

“One day an ancient one took his grandson out for a walk, when suddenly, out of nowhere, they came across two wolves in a fight to the death–the battle between the good wolf and the bad wolf…the fight that goes on inside all of us. The one that wins is the one that you feed.”

Wolf Dog Tales merges entertainment/art/media with ancient wisdoms about respecting the earth to create a variety of socially responsible transmedia initiatives, including an internationally award-winning animated film, a mobile game, digital media educational tools, a children’s animated TV series and a digital art installation.

In this presentation, the creator of Wolf Dog Tales will take you through the path of how and why she developed this initiative. You will also see a short clip of her animated film and hear examples of how Wolf Dog Tales is creating personal transformation.


Bernadine was born and raised in a rural community in New Mexico where her family has lived for over 400 years after leaving Spain during the inquisition. The unique blend of her Cervantes-like Spanish culture and the Pueblo and Navajo Indian cultures of New Mexico is part of the inspiration for a transmedia initiative she created called Wolf Dog Tales, which includes ancient wisdoms of what animals teach us about respecting life.

An internationally award-winning filmmaker, Bernadine has also written, directed and produced two feature films. Prior to becoming a filmmaker and digital artist, Bernadine worked in venture capital for GE Capital. She studied engineering at Stanford University and finance at the Wharton School of Business

Why I support GATE

I believe that our world is spiraling out of balance, and that unless we unite our efforts towards a more positive path, a likely near-term result will be the end of humanity and much of our planet.

From ancient times to contemporary day, art/entertainment has been a powerful source of transformation, providing us with a guiding light in the rediscovery of peace, love and balance.

GATE clearly understands the transformative power of art/entertainment/media and presents a unique platform for strengthening our efforts towards global transformation and the rediscovery of peace, love and balance.

My Current Media Diet

LED artist Leo Villareal
Dana Leong Trio
Animator/filmmaker/manga artist Miyazaki
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Revisiting the works of Joseph Campbell
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“It has always been the prime function of mythology and rite to supply the symbols that carry the human spirit forward…” ~ Joseph Campbell