Barry Schoor

Barry Schoor

Barry Schoor enjoys over thirty years experience in entertainment marketing as an executive, writer, producer and creative consultant– conceiving advertising for hundreds of movies, including many Oscar®, Golden Globe®, Emmy®, Cannes, Sundance and Independent Spirit award winners.

He cofounded Alkemi Entertainment, a creative marketing and production company with a wide range of clients in the theatrical film, television, home and mobile entertainment, digital game, new media and related industries.

His work has received numerous awards and honors, and he is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.


“I’ve read that John Lennon once related sitting alone one night and realizing he’d forgotten something for a very long time. Suddenly, it came to him. He knew what he had forgotten. It was himself.

“In the realm of entertainment, a story, image, music, that awakens one to that same remembering– even for a moment– can be transformational.