Wendy Newman

Wendy Newman
Executive Director

Wendy Newman, M.A. is the Executive Director of GATE and founder of The Worldwide Center for Change™, empowering people to create change within themselves and in the world. Wendy is best known as The Personal Brand Coach™, noted as one of the top personal and business coaches in North America, and founder of Person-Centered Branding®, cited in university textbooks worldwide. In her continuous drive to support people in creating change, Wendy co- founded The Celebrity Weight Loss Team™, poised to get America healthy.

With her background as the official Personal Brand Coach of The LPGA, Wendy works with many of the top professional athletes in the world as well as high-profile celebrities/personalities and Fortune 500 companies such as Starbucks, CBS, and Clear Channel Communications. Serving as head of the consumer marketing division at Hill & Knowlton, then the top PR agency in the world and establishing worldwide employee relations and community programs for well-known organizations such as PBS, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and Chrysler/Dollar Rent A Car, Wendy always had the magic touch of creating a success story.

Whether building a major media brand, producing clients’ dream projects, creating transformation in the world through entertainment and media or supporting one person in releasing weight and getting healthy, Wendy’s goals are always the same: to “shape” her clients’ brand/image and life inside and out, personally and professionally, assisting them in living happy, healthy, authentic, fulfilled and successful lives while truly creating transformation in the world.

Wendy earned her Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology from USM, The Worldwide Center for the Study and Practice of Spiritual Psychology.


“Meeting John and being introduced to GATE has been in so many ways the culmination of a life-long dream!

The media is one of the most important influences in our culture that affects how people think and feel. Both consciously and unconsciously, people emulate what they see in entertainment and media. Why not change the message so people can live vicariously through identifying with and emulating positive behaviors and experiences?

We have an opportunity and a responsibility to build the world we envision through this medium and with names that people will listen to. It is the most direct, powerful way to reach people, make a difference and create lasting change.

I am honored and thrilled to be part of a team of outstanding, authentic souls (having a human experience) who are opening their hearts and sharing their gifts and talents to develop what the world really needs — entertainment and media that truly creates transformation in the world.”