Ted Gerdes

Ted Gerdes

Zen and the Art of Practicing Law ®

Law is not just words on paper or precedent, doing what was done before.

The art of achieving a legal or business solution often requires common sense, intuition, creative thought as well as legal knowledge and experience. Ted Gerdes likes to call this the Zen approach to practicing law.

Ted possesses 30 years of legal experience and currently assists clients throughout the United States and around the world in a variety of entertainment-related matters and transactions, including agreements, copyright, trademark, intellectual property, E&O insurance, title clearance and vetting. His goal is to help his clients prevent costly litigation by getting it right upfront by careful review of the work and drafting the necessary agreements.

Ted is a member of the Board of Directors and the Leadership Counsel for GATE. He has published numerous articles in major publications, including Los Angeles Lawyer, Billboard Magazine, New Technologies 101, and Music Connection.

A musician since age 10, Ted still finds time to play one of his several guitars and attend concerts. He has also loves his Nikon, a hold over from his days as a journalist, which he often carries with him, always looking for the elusive perfect shot. In recent years Ted has developed a reputation for his unique holiday cards featuring his original photographs, sent to friends and clients.


“I love to work with individuals with intent, who create high quality values-based content, regardless of the media (film, television, music, books, or the Internet) to inspire society, encourage people to create a better world, spread an important message or just open one’s mind by exposing him or her to a new idea. It is media with meaning and purpose that is produced from the heart and not purely for commercial gain.”