John Raatz

“John Raatz and The Visioneering Group are the most authentic, caring and clever marketers a client could have. Here’s how I see it:
• If you are a Cultural Creative working the leading edge of change in American culture, and in need of good marketing and PR work, then you should talk to John Raatz.
• If you’ve poured your own life into being an innovator or creator, then don’t put your work out there using conventional promotion. You need an innovative marketing firm who will match your talent, step for step, namely The Visioneering Group.”

Paul H. Ray, Ph.D. Co-author of
The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People Are Changing the World


John Raatz, Founder, GATE, Santa Monica, CA, Sept 2011

John Raatz, Founder, GATE, Santa Monica, CA, Sept 2011

JOHN RAATZ is the Founder and Principal of the pioneering “transformational” marketing & PR firm, The Visioneering Group, whose mission is Linking Spirit, Vision & Progressive Values with Compassionate Communication to Promote a Positive and Sustainable Future™. Established in 1988, Visioneering exclusively serves the Cultural Creatives (body/mind/spirit) market and was the first such firm to do so.

Through Visioneering, John has represented scores of clients including many of the foremost authors, thought leaders, musical artists, and films in the transformational milieu, such as authors Eckhart Tolle, Fritjof Capra, Peter Russell, Chellis Glendenning, Deepak Chopra; recording artists Dead Can Dance, Lisa Gerrard, Madonna, Donovan, Kitaro, Kenny Loggins, Turtle Island String Quartet, The Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos Chant and such films as Mindwalk, Twenty-One, Toto Le Heros, Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse, Baraka, A Brief History of Time, Raspad, The Real Dirt on Farmer John, Illusion, This Island Earth, What the Bleep Do We Know!?, What The Bleep?-Down The Rabbit Hole, Ripple Effect, Peaceful Warrior, The 11th Hour, Darfur Now!, Youth Without Youth, Darshan: The Embrace, Saint Ralph, Unknown White Male, Two Weeks, Toward The Within, A Human Search: The Life of Father Bede Griffiths, Ecological Design: Inventing The Future, Side Effects, Aaron Russo’s America: Freedom to Fascism, and others. Currently John and team represent writer/director Lexi Alexander’s film, Lifted, GhettoPhysics: Will The Real Pimps and Ho’s Please Stand Up! – the follow-on film to What The Bleep.., and writer / director Tom Shadyac’s new film, I AM.

In the 90s’, John produced the 15th Year Anniversary celebration of Yoga Journal magazine with Chynna Phillips, Baron Baptiste and the legendary “First Lady of Yoga” Indra Devi and was a PR guide for other prominent yoga teachers such as Larry Payne and Kali Ray.

In 1991, John was the creator and co-founder of New Mind Presents, the first speakers bureau advocating “ideas that make a world of difference” and solely representing influential, leading-edge “new paradigm” scientists, psychologists, economists, ecologists, philosophers, futurists and business specialists for meetings and programs in the business and educational sectors. Clients included: David Brower, Ram Dass, Eric Drexler, Matthew Fox, Willis Harman, Paul Hawken, Dan Millman, Joseph Chilton Pearce, John Robbins, Leonard Shlain, Brian Swimme, Gary Zukav and many others. Since 2005, John and team have been the exclusive speaking agents for Quantum Physicist Dr. Fred Alan Wolf.

In 2006, through Visioneering, John partnered with Gaiam, the global lifestyle merchandiser and mail order company, to form Awakened Media. Under that banner, he designed and implemented the distribution and marketing infrastructure that brought the multi-award-winning documentary The Real Dirt on Farmer John and the Kirk Douglas feature Illusion to the marketplace. While working with Gaiam, John was co-producer of the 2006 Inspiration Film Festival, which highlighted the best in inspirational narrative features, full-length documentaries, narrative shorts and animated works chosen from over 1,500 submissions.

Since 2004, John has served as a member of a Grammy Awards screening committee and also serves, since 2008, as a judge for The Posi Awards honoring songwriters and musical artists who are spreading an empowering message through music. John was also a judge on the Blue Ribbon panel of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) 2005 Gold Quill awards, and was an industry judge at the 2005 Inspiration Film Festival in Los Angeles. He also marketed the 1991 Aveda US Environmental Film Festival hosted by Chevy Chase and Olivia Newton-John.

A trailblazing visionary, leader, advocate and speaker in the growing transformational entertainment/media genre, John founded, along with author/spiritual leader Eckhart Tolle and actor/activist Jim Carrey, GATE – the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment – and is its Board Chairman. GATE is a nonprofit organization (501c6 pending) dedicated to mobilizing and supporting entertainment and media professionals, who want to express their own transformational vision and values though the content they write, produce, perform in, or otherwise contribute to.

Recently, John founded Transformational Entertainment Networks (TEN) as an alternative distribution company connecting grassroots venues with films, speakers and special programs/events. Lexi Alexander’s “Lifted” is their first distribution acquisition. In partnership with TEN, plans are underway for the creation of Wisdom Culture Entertainment, a production company to acquire, develop and produce / co-produce transformational content and Wisdom Culture Media Fund, a financial vehicle to fund a market basket of small budget media projects to be produced by Wisdom Culture Entertainment and distributed by TEN and other distributors.

John has been a personal manager in the entertainment industry, beginning his professional career in 1979 with magician Doug Henning and actor Ned Beatty and learning the managment ropes from industry veteran Dolores Robinson, with whom he managed Martin Sheen, Emilio Estevez and LeVar Burton. Under his own banner, he represented high-profile celebrity musicians including Billy Preston (“The Fifth Beatle”), Al Stewart, and several R & B acts including A Taste of Honey, Hazel Payne (of A Taste of Honey), L. J. Reynolds, Beau Williams, Sheree Brown and many others.

In 1984-85 John was the Executive Administrator of one of Southern California’s most forward-looking holistic health clinics specializing in Ayurvedic medicine. He was a successful stockbroker (during the Oct. 87 crash!), an Executive Vice President at IMN in 1988 (a public relations agency representing Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and Michael Jackson), and an editor at “New Paradign Digest,” a newsletter of leading-edge ideas and positive news published in the early 90s’, also a Visioneering client. John is a private pilot and wants to earn his instrument rating.

John has had a lifelong love of music, kicking off a professional career as a blues/rock guitarist at age 12! As a lead guitarist with various bands, from age 12 to 17, he opened for several legendary acts including The MC5, Iggy Pop and the Stooges, Bob Seger, Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper, Humble Pie, Edgar Winter and others.

Embodying an exceptionally eclectic spiritual path since 1967, John is a teacher of Transcendental Meditation and, since 1976, has instructed thousands in the practice. He led one of the most successful TM centers (Flint, MI) in the country from 1975 through 1979 during the “Merv Wave” when millions of people began practicing TM because of Merv Griffin and Clint Eastwood’s recommendations.

“I am deeply grateful to Maharishi for his personal guidance and inspiration and to The Beatles for making meditation cool!” JR

“Since reading an advance copy of The Power of Now in 1997 or 98, Eckhart Tolle and his teachings have been a constant inner companion, unwavering and crystal clear, resonant and stimulating, giving rise to a vibrant silent Presence emerging more and more fully as the seeking impulse falls away. And only That remains. Thank you Eckhart.” JR


“John Raatz and the Visioneering Group have been a tremendous support to Eckhart Teachings (the office of Eckhart Tolle.) Their sincere enthusiasm in assisting us in negotiations, communications, and marketing strategies has been invaluable. I am extremely grateful to have John’s expertise available and am thoroughly impressed by his communication skills. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second in recommending John Raatz and The Visioneering Group. They’ve been a pleasure to work with.”

Erin Jacobson, Eckhart Teachings